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Your Neighbors & What They Think Of Us

"I Don't Feel Like Crying When I Get Up"

The pain in her knee reached an unbearable level, so she decided to meet with Dr. Chenault. In just a few visits, she was able to move again, without the fear of overwhelming pain.

"Best I've Seen Her Walk For A While"

She came in without being able to even stand without pain. She was pushed into each visit with us. After a few visits, she's already walking much better, without pain.

"The Difference It's Made... I'm Really Grateful"

Prior to her first treatment, she was sacrificing so many things she loved in order to avoid pain. After a single treatment, she was able to sit in her favorite chair and play a game of basketball with her beloved grandson.

"No More Hitch in My Giddy Up!"

After living with knee pain for a handful of years now, after a few visits we were able to get him walking better and remove the "hitch in his giddy up".

"I want to do my other knee right now!"

After suffering with knee pain for many years she finally had enough. With our advanced treatment program we have helped her now be able to raise her knee higher than before and is wanting to start treatment on the other side now!

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