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Long-Term Neuropathy Relief

Be Free of the Pins & Needles of Neuropathy

Burning, tingling, itching, numbness, pins & needles in the foot, hands, and legs are all chronic symptoms of neuropathy that can take the fun out of life.


We can now effectively treat many cases of chronic neuropathy and relieve symptoms, without endless medications. 

  • Discover the root cause of your nerve damage -- not just mask the symptoms.

  • Get freedom from constant pain, tingling, numbness, or discomfort.

  • Feel fully alive again, without the mental "fog" from powerful medications


If you've experienced any of the symptoms listed above and are looking for advanced solutions for your neuropathy pain, Dr. Chenault would like to meet you. Fill out the form below to request your consultation.

Be Rid of The Pain of Neuropathy

Request Your Neuropathy Consultation Below

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